My name is David  and I was born and raised in  Northampton, one of my passions is the history of Northamptonshire as a county and it’s links to the most important war ever to take place in England. I would like to share that history with as many other people as possible.

I have a love of history in general and a particular interest in the English civil war period which has shaped to a large extent the country of my birth.

It’s my belief that not enough visitors to our shores know about the county and what it can offer in terms of the beauty of the countryside and the number and variety of historic houses it has within it’s boundaries.

London, personally I love to visit the city, outside of York it’s probably my favourite English city and its a magnet to visitors from abroad and it’s easy to see why, rich in history, fantastic venues to eat and see shows, world class museums, glorious parks, a melting pot of people, it’s got the lot.
And if your time in the UK is limited a lot people make the decision to see London and not venture elsewhere, which given what I’ve pointed out above is understandable.

London’s success as a place to visit means other less well known destinations lose out and that’s a shame not only for the alternative destination but also the visitor because they are missing the opportunity to experience something equally interesting and stimulating without the hectic pace.

Take my own county Northamptonshire, it’s only an hours travel from London but you could very well be in another world, fantastic countryside, oodles of history ranging from the time of the Saxons, we even had our own great fire in 1675, great architecture such as intriguing follies and historic houses with beautiful gardens, old village pubs (some very old) offering some great beers, forget the image of weak and warm British beer, those days are long gone.

Northamptonshire has produced many talented people who have left an indelible mark on our country and the wider world, Poets, Composers, Scientists, Writers,  even a Prime Minister of England, the only one to be assassinated.

by David Nicholls