Thanks to Roger Hilliard for sending this story to us.

This is my memory of Northampton before ‘ progress”. It was a market town very similar to Market Harborough now. As a child on Saturday my mother would take me into town. We would walk down Abington Street past Watts, the Co-op Arcade, the new theatre, library and Woolworths. Then onto the market selling virtually everything and so vibrant. Then up the Emporium Arcade ( bless it) and look in the joke shop etc. Then when mum was finished we would go to College Street chippy for a treat. The town centre was full of people and you felt as though you belonged. They talk of revitalising the town centre but, they have pulled down everything of note in this town and ripped the heart out of it. The town was expanded with virtually no infrastructure added and certainly no vision. Maybe if profit is not the motive it could be dragged back from the brink. Let’s hope so.